We believe that each organisation is unique – a living, breathing mixture of people, processes, equipment, culture and many other things. Our approach is first to understand where and what the problem is. And then to let that problem define the solution. 
We don’t bring our solutions and then try to find a problem to match. 
We do bring understanding to our client’s problems and then find a solution to match. 
We think with our clients and work with our clients, helping them to change the things they don’t have the capacity, the knowledge or the belief to change themselves. Our work and the solutions we find are underpinned by good practice in: 
Organisational development 
People development 
Change leadership 
Operational service design 
Systems thinking & continuous improvement 
Performance governance & performance management 
That good practice is continually tested and developed through our consulting assignments, in designing and delivering material for higher education courses and mentoring university students at the University of Warwick – Warwick Manufacturing Group and The University of Aston Business School. 
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