Alexander has given us the tools, the confidence to use them and helped us to challenge the world as we saw it. They understood the context of the organisation and provided a bespoke approach rather than just sheep dip and as the needs of the organisation evolved they had the flexibility to accommodate our growing needs. 
Vicky Branchett - Director for Commissioning Support, Essex County Council 
We worked with Alexander on understanding some challenging issues in the South West, around how the public service system, as a whole, cares for people who find themselves in crisis. It is not easy to sustain a broad network of busy, senior people from many organisations who need to ‘stay on task’ when addressing tricky problems that involve the whole public service system; and who need to see a clear return on their investment in time. Alexander’s systematic and careful approach both to process and to understanding and balancing the needs of network members helped greatly in our delivering outcomes of real value to network members, to their organisations and to people who rely on their services. 
Justine Faulkner – Manager Mental Health, Neurological Conditions and Dementia Network, South West Strategic Clinical Network